Who we are

Quite simply we are the best offshore pay per head service available on the market today. Located in San Jose, Costa Rica and providing both phone and internet wagering options for your players we are confident that you will not find another company that will equal our service.

We aren't the best because we create our own software interface allowing your players to place more wagers quicker and you to get more information than you ever dreamed. We aren’t the best because we offer more options than any other pay per head provider while allowing you to choose what YOU want to offer. We aren’t the best because we run our own telecommunication infrastructure giving us more control than any other company to keep your phone and internet service up and running. We aren't even the best because our experienced personnel have over 15 YEARS of combined experience in providing offshore bookie services.

We are the best because of ALL the information listed but MOST IMPORTANTLY we are the best because we LISTEN TO OUR CUSTOMERS. We have a lot of ideas but we know that we’ll never think of everything, so we listen to our customers to make sure that we know what YOU NEED. We are after all providing you a service!