You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Pay Per Head Services provides you with a virtual office so you can manage your business. Let’s face it, the day-to-day needs of running the lines, answering the phones, grading the wagers, and tracking balances is a lot for any one person. With Pay Per Head Services you don’t have to deal with these basic tasks but instead can concentrate on what will really make you money, which is managing your players and growing your business. For more information on the basics of Pay Per Head bookmaking and Offshore bookie services go follow this link.

What does Pay Per Head Services provide?

Lines - Pay Per Head Services provides more wagering options than you could ever imagine. Our highly experienced staff provides you solid lines on all the basic sports but we go above and beyond. We provide you additional lines that include:

Many of these wagers are provided at extended 30 or 40 cent lines which will dramatically increase your hold and the variety of events offered will provide you with a higher wagering volume than would ever be possible over the phone. Of course you have the OPTION with our software to offer as much or as little as you want based on your individual businesses needs. Check out our software section to see how you can also adjust lines to your businesses needs as well.

Customer ServicePay Per Head Services stocks your virtual office with a highly competent set of English-speaking, customer service personnel. Our experienced courteous staff is there for your convenience to provide individualized assistance for you and your players.

Risk ManagementPay Per Head Service's line staff alone has over 30 years in line moving experience, in addition to time stateside. Our line managers tuned in to the lines and the information BEHIND THE LINES. We get not only the standard line information from Vegas but we know which major groups are on which teams, who's hurt, who's not hurt, and who just got arrested and won't be playing this weekend. While we can't say you’ll win every game we can say you'll have the best line available on it. As important as watching the lines, is watching the action. With our experienced staff we are able to spot the "sharp" player who is getting the best of EVERY line, or the "steam" player who bets right before every major line move. When our professional staff spots these players we’ll let you know. Our experienced line staff will help you not only make more money with the best line, but keep more money in your pocket by limiting your exposure!!!

Player Management – In the end they are YOUR PLAYERS. Pay Per Head Services provides you with a mountain of help in managing both basic and complex tasks but in the end you have to manage your own players, so we provide you with all the tools you need. You can adjust your player limits by sport, period, or day. You have reporting tools to identify players with multiple accounts, your hold by sport and time period, your action on any game, and a live bet ticker so you can see the bets as they come in. For more information on the tools at your disposal go to our software page.

SoftwarePay Per Head Services has it’s own internet wagering interface developed in house. This allows us to provide you an interface unequaled in the industry. You will have more options and more control over your business online than you ever dreamed. For more information on this VERY IMPORTANT part of our service please go to our Software section.

Stay ConnectedPay Per Head Services is not only does it’s own software but we do our own telecommunications. With experienced telecommunications staff on site we manage no less than 4 individual fiber connections to keep you up and going at all times. Our staff is aware of the “peak” times and works around the clock to make sure we are ready when you need us the most.

SecurityPay Per Head Services is the trusted providers for 10’s of thousands of accounts. All information is secured in our state of the art data center and protected from unauthorized access from either the inside or the outside. Your important information is only available to our supervisory staff and will never be made available to any individual, company, or organization. EVER!!!

What is Pay Per Head / Pay Per Head Sportsbook / a Pay Per Head Bookmaker?

A pay per head sportsbook provides a private bookie the ability to utilize sportsbook, casino, and racebook wagering services in a jurisdiction where those activities are legal. There are many benefits to the type of service that a pay per head sportsbook like Pay Per Head Services provide, besides the obvious fact that your wagers are now accepted in a location where such services are completely legal. A few are listed below:

There is no reason ANYONE should still be answering a cell phone in the United States. The risk is too great and the reward to small when compared with the option of an offshore bookmaking service like Pay Per Head Services. Call now for pricing information at 1-800-550-7290.