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Become a Full-Time Bookie

Currently, many people are thinking of becoming a full-time bookie.

The betting market is growing exponentially and will continue to do so for at least the next five years.

As a result, many see the gambling industry as a great opportunity to generate good income and engage in an activity that is fun and exciting.

The problem is that most do not know where to start and have many doubts about what steps they should take to enter this lucrative industry.

Here are the three basic steps to become a full-time bookie.

Establish a Bankroll

The first thing aspiring bookmakers should do is establish their business bankroll.

The bankroll will be the reserve money that the bookies will have to face the payments of the players who win in case something goes wrong.

Moreover, the bankroll will determine the number of bettors that the bookie can serve. And the amount of money that they can bet.

For example, a bankroll of $ 20,000 allows a bookie to cater to about 100 casual bettors. Who make bets of about $ 500 per month.

The bankroll is like emergency money, but bookies must operate within limits allowed by their bankroll.

Choose a Pay Per Head Provider

The second step to becoming a full-time bookie is finding a good Pay Per Head partner.

This task is not easy as there are hundreds of providers in the market.

But thanks to review sites like, it is very easy to analyze and compare various providers’ offers.

These review sites put at the disposal of the bookies’ detailed analyses and in an easy-to-understand language of all the characteristics and quality of the Pay Per Head companies’ products.

Thanks to these reviews, aspiring bookies will fully understand the offer of Pay Per Head companies.

As a result, they can choose the best Pay Per Head partner reviews for your betting business.

Find Clients

Finally, the last step is the simplest of all and is to get customers for the business.

To carry out this task, you can turn to friends, family, and work colleagues to become the betting business’s first customers.

If aspiring bookies follow these steps in no time, they could be running a profitable betting business.