Pay Per Head Services

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What is a Pay Per Head Service?

What is a Pay Per Head Service

What is a pay per head service? If you’re a bookie and don’t know the answer, it’s your lucky day.

Key Points

  • Pay per head services provide software technology that can fully automate any bookie’s operation.
  • Pay per head providers offer a number of advantages, the biggest of which is simply time saved that can be used to grow a bookie’s business.

If you are a bookie or are thinking about becoming one in today’s competitive market, the biggest decision you have to make is which pay per head service to partner with. We’re here to help you guide you when choosing the right pay per head for your business.

What is a Pay Per Head

A pay per head (PPH) service offers bookies turn-key sportsbook software that provides a state-of-the-art website that essentially runs an entire operation.

All banking is taken care of via the website. Players can check lines and odds and place bets. There is even a full customer service department provided to the bookie. Are you already asking yourself, how do I become a bookie?

The bottom line is this. A pay per head provider makes life much easier for the modern bookie. Gone are the days of collecting and delivering payments. Gone are all the late night phone calls. Sportsbook owners can use the time saved on doing what they should – grow their business. Bookie software is the solution to all your problems.

What Bookies Get Using One

When bookies partner with a pay per head (PPH) service, they receive sportsbook software technology that takes care of a variety of things. The software is optimized so that it is easy to use and fast. 

There is the betting board which is full of options with sharp lines for your players. Your customers can use their smart device to manage their betting accounts. They can deposit money safely and securely into their accounts and withdraw without any issues too.

Modern technology takes care of online security and safety. Players can feel comfortable sharing their personal and financial information without fear of being hacked.

One of the biggest and best features PPH services offer is a 24-hour, seven days per week customer service department. A bookie’s players can reach out to a trained professional via email, online chat, text, or phone at any time of any day. Any issues are solved quickly to keep players happy and betting. 

Advantages of PPH

The advantages of partnering with a pay per head company are pretty obvious. Automating your bookie operation takes advantage of the rise of technology in the sports betting market.

Using a PPH provider gives the independent bookmaker the ability to operate and manage a business that can compete with the largest players in the market. 

The time saved by automating a betting operation allows bookmakers to grow their player sheet. They can also focus on ways to get their current customers more involved and betting more often. 

Being an independent bookie used to make it difficult to compete against the big sportsbooks. Using a pay per head company levels the playing field. 

PPH Extras – What Is a Pay Per Head Service

A pay per head service allows bookies to grow their business in other ways too. Most PPH providers will have options that allow bookies to add an online racebook for betting on horses and an online casino full of all the most popular casino games. 

With the assistance of a PPH provider, an independent bookie can become a one-stop, full-service gambling shop.