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Top Services Offer a Free PPH Trial

Top Services Offer a Free PPH Trial

Take advantage of a free PPH trial. It’s well worth it.

Key Points

– With the amount of competition in the industry, the top pay per head services offer prospective bookies a free trial.

– Booking a free trial is the best way to make a final decision on the choice of PPH service.

Free PPH Trial

Today’s modern bookie is more likely to partner with a pay per head service which helps in the operation of a sportsbook. 

With the increase in popularity of sports betting, there are private bookies entering the industry in record numbers. That competition has led to a rise in the number of pay per head services.

PPH services then are competing for business and many have to offer some type of incentive to acquire new customers. The top services offer a free PPH trial.

Maybe you’re already a bookie? Did you know that switching pay per head services is easy?

Why Pay Per Head?

Bookies that are not using a pay per head service should be. A PPH offers what is essentially an online management service for your sportsbook. Bookies can take their operation online, have a PPH service maintain and monitor everything, and the bookie can then add his own personal touch while working on growing the business.

Pay per head software provides an easy user experience, a full betting board, a complete banking system, and much more. Bettors take care of their business by logging into a bookie’s website or app. Bookies are then free to work on growing their player sheet and profits.

Why Not a Free PPH Trial?

What the top PPH services like RDG Corp are offering is a free trial of their service. Bookies can use the software for a certain amount of time, all free of charge, to make sure the service meets the needs of their business.

RDG Corp, which has been in the industry since 1996, provides a number of different options for prospective bookies. PPH services often have more than one option, you can check them out here. How do you know which is best? That’s where the free trial comes into play.

Setting up a free PPH trial isn’t difficult either whether you have an existing sportsbook or are starting from scratch. The best in the industry can have you up and running with a live sportsbook in a relatively short amount of time. 

If you are unhappy with your current PPH provider, a top service like RDG Corp can take your existing player sheet and get you online extremely fast. 

Get To Know Your Services

Once you have done your homework and narrowed down the competition for your PPH service, you can begin asking for a free trial. 

Most often, the free trial period will last between two and four weeks. Many pay per head services will also offer a demo account. Some may only offer a demo account. Demo accounts are great because you can get a feel for the user experience, but you will get a better understanding of the software with a free trial.

Using the service every day for a few weeks is the best way to help you make what is one of your most important decisions. Finding the best PPH software service can make or break a bookie’s career.