Pay Per Head Services

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Understanding Sportsbook Software

It’s time to learn; we’re here to help when understanding sportsbook software.

Key Points

– Sportsbook software has revolutionized the way bookies do business.

– The concept of pay per head software makes it possible for small, independent bookies to compete with bigger players in the industry.

Understanding Sportsbook Software

Whether you’re an experienced bookie or new to the profession, the one thing that can make or break your career is choosing the right sportsbook software.

The days of the old-school bookie with his notepad, pen, and collection of newspapers is no more. Operating a sportsbook has entered the technological revolution.

Running a successful operation now requires an understanding of sportsbook software and how it can help bookies.

Pay Per Head

The concept of pay per head has helped to revolutionize the industry for independent bookies. Sports betting software essentially automates the operation of a sportsbook for a bookie.

Pay per head services offer a turnkey, plug-and-play solution for bookies. The services include a fully functioning website where bettors can take care of all of their betting business. 

The professionally designed site gives the smaller independent bookie the appearance of being a big-time player in the market. It’s one of the other advantages of partnering with a pay per head software company.

Understanding Sportsbook Software – How PPH Works

What is pay per head? Bookies find a pay per head service and then pay a fee based on the number of active players using the betting platform.

For example, an independent bookie has 15 players on his sheet. In a given week, 10 of them are actively placing bets. The bookie pays a per head – per player – fee for those 10 active bettors. 

In the pay per head industry, the standard is $10 per head. In this example then, the bookie would pay $100 ($10 x 10 players). 

Software Services Provided

For $10 per head, bookies receive tremendous value. First and foremost is the software. Understanding sportsbook software is a must. Take the time to get to know more.

A pay per head service provides a professionally designed website that is safe and secure for bettors to conduct all of their betting business.

The website gives the impression of a massive operation which allows the independent bookie the ability to compete with the bigger players in the industry.

Your service will provide you with tons of advanced analysis. With in-depth analysis reports, their risk management programs will help your bottomline.

Turnkey Gaming Software Solutions

The website is essentially a turnkey software system that runs a bookie’s entire business. Bettors can deposit, withdraw, check odds, place bets and more all from their smart device and the bookie doesn’t need to do anything.

In addition, the best pay per head services also offer a fully staffed, professional customer service call center. The old school bookies used to have to answer the phone almost non-stop. No more.

Bettors can contact a bookie’s customer service by phone, text, email, and even online chat to take care of any issue. Top services offer a free PPH trial. So be sure to take advantage of that. It will help you when understanding sportsbooks software.

For the industry standard of $10 per head, bookies get a plug-and-play sportsbook. Bookies save a massive amount of time partnering with the right pay per head. This time can then be used to grow the bookie’s player sheet which only adds to the bottom line.

Sportsbook software now makes it possible for the average bookie to run a thriving business.